Equipment List: Location Sound

• Microphones

1x Schoeps CMC 641
1x Schoeps CMIT-5
1x Sennheiser MKH 416 P48
1x Sanken CS2
1x Rode NTG-3
1x Neumann KMS 105
1x Beyerdynamic M58 Reporter Mic Omni
2x Oktava mk-012 (matched stereo pair)
Cardioid, Omni and Hyper-Cardiod capsules
1x Sennheiser 421
1x Shure SM58
1x Countryman B6 lavalier Omni (beige)
1x DPA 4063 lavalier Omni (beige)
2x DPA 4061 lavalier Omni (black)
1x Rode PIN Mic lavalier Omni (black or white/grey)
1x Sennheiser ME-4 lavalier Cardioid (black)
1x Binaural microphone - Soundman OKM II Classic

• Field Mixer

1x 4:2 (4 inputs, 2 outputs) Audio Developments AD261

• Field recorder
1x Zoom F8 8 channels recorder with time code - up to 192Khz
1x Zoom H4n (up to 4 channels)

• Wireless systems

1x Sennheiser G3 ENG set Block A
1x Sennheiser G3 ENG set Block G
1x Sennheiser G2 ENG set Block B

• Accessories

1x VBD M Boompole - Up to 2,66 meters
1x Rode Boompole - Up to 3 meters
1x Cavision Boompole - Up to 5 meters
1x RODE Blimp wind canceling system + deadcat
2x Rycote Super softie 18cm and 12cm
1x Rycote Invision 7 mic suspension
1x Rycote Invision 7 HG mkII mic suspension
2x Microphone Tripods from 92cm up to 163 cm
1x KT system Bag
1x Porta brace system bag
1x Clapper
1x 10m loom cable + tail mixer to camera connection
and TC connection


Equipment List: Post Production and recording

• Microphones

Same as location +
1x Neumann U87Ai
1x Neumann KM88i
1x Audio Technica AT4050
1x AKG C451 EB + CK1 cardioid capsule
1x AKG c451E + ck1s capsule
2x nohypeaudio LRM-1
1x beyerdynamic M160N

• Recording system

1x Pro Tools 12 up to 16 inputs and 16 Outputs
Numerous plugins and sound cleaning softwares
1x MOTU 16A
1x Presonus FP10 Sound interface
1x G9 Microphone Preamp (2ch.)
1x Modified PAIA stereo Mic tube preamp
1x Gssl Vca Type Stereo Compressor
1x DBX 166A Stereo Compressor
1x Eq3d Mastering EQ with "Airband"

• Monitors

1x Yahama Hs80
1x TV Speaker (Auratone type)

• Midi

1x Midi Express 128
1x Akai Apc20 Fader Controller

• Video software

1x Final Cut Pro X